Heritage masterplanning consultancy

Heritage masterplanning consultancy

Working as a heritage masterplanning consultancy in a range of historic settings presents a variety of challenges requiring specialist knowledge of the heritage and visitor experience sectors.  Planning Solutions Consulting provides a bespoke service, helping heritage sites shape their vision for the future, developing dynamic long-term heritage masterplans to guide growth and development.  The heritage masterplans we develop are created within the constraints of the site and it responds to the needs of the market and financial parameters.   We often work with conservation architects, conservation specialists, activity planners and interpretation planners.

PSC offers strategic, visitor focused insights into the heritage sector.  Our sister company operate two heritage attractions (Kent Life Heritage Park and The National Brewery Centre) and this operational experience helps us to take a holistic approach to the heritage masterplanning process.

Whether leading a project or working as part of a multi-disciplinary team, our understanding of the heritage visitor market place and direct operational experience is invaluable when conducting an initial site-wide heritage audit, analysing current usage and financial performance.  We explore audience groups and carry out extensive research of the local area, including any regional developments and strategies which may impact on the future heritage masterplan.

Whilst our approach is commercially driven, our experience within the heritage and cultural sector means that we understand the conflicting priorities that can arise.   We work closely with clients and their teams to gain a deeper understanding of the project and also to encourage staff participation and buy-in across the organisation.

PSC believe in designing heritage masterplans which are both deliverable and offer long term financial sustainability.  We are acutely aware of the competitive funding climate and possess significant experience of supporting clients during applications to the Lottery Fund and other charitable grants.

We aim to design a heritage masterplan which captures the personality of the site, branding it as a destination and securing its long term future.  We have delivered heritage visitor experience masterplans and business plans at heritage sites across the UK including Caldicot Castle, Ditherington Flax Mill, Caerphilly Castle.


Please call or email Richard Linington on 023 9248 1999 or richard@pslplan.co.uk if you have any queries about heritage masterplanning consultancy services.