Watersports Centre Options Appraisal and Market Assessment

watersports activity centre feasibility studyWorking for a Trust, we were commissioned to carry out a watersports centre options appraisal for a quarry site to assess the opportunity of introducing a watersports centre and associated water sports uses.

Our work included:

  • Carrying out a site assessment and review of the policy context to ensure the project helped to deliver key policy outcomes.
  • A market demand assessment with a focus on the residential population living within specific drivetime contours of the quarry, the tourism sector and activity marketplace. A review of the competitive landscape in terms of activity provision was also carried out to identify potential gaps within the market place.
  • A review of individual watersports was carried out to identify the core facilities required to deliver specific watersports uses. Market trends for each use were also identified.
  • Five case examples were reviewed to identify critical success factors but also how to overcome key challenges the individual centres have faced through development and operational phases.
  • An option appraisal set out the key guiding principles for the project, which provided a framework for the development options. Various levels of intervention or options were identified (based on different forms and scale of development). A weighted scoring matrix was used to assess the development options and for the preferred option a programme of phased development was set out.

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