Watersports Centre Feasibility Study with Residential Accommodation, Hartlepool
Coastal Watersports Feasibility Study
Coastal Visitor Attraction

The regeneration of Hartlepool is established as a key strategic priority of the council with the aim of bringing wealth creation and employment opportunities to the area.   Developing the tourism market and the activity / adventure marketplace is a fundamental aspect of this coastal regeneration programme.

The waterfront site is a prominent site of just under 5 acres.   It is located in close proximity to the Hartlepool branch of the National Museum of the Royal Navy. The site also lies opposite Hartlepool Marina which is the largest and most commercially successful of its kind in the North East of England.

The Council has an aspiration that the watersports activities ‘hub’ would provide a destination for staying visitors and day visitors to participate in watersports and leisure activities at all levels.

The coastal watersports feasibility study specifically analysed the commercial viability and feasibility of providing a watersports/leisure activity hub development at The Waterfront, including:

  • The extent to which a watersports/leisure activity hub would make a positive economic contribution to the regeneration agenda for Hartlepool
  • The extent to which a watersports activity hub would provide destination appeal to visitors in its own right whilst remaining commercially viable
  • The space use allocation, features, services, and facilities required to deliver a high-quality watersports offer
  • The most appropriate location, size and massing of the watersports hub and associated additional uses identified
  • The most viable development model

The council wanted the study to consider how the watersports hub would:

  • Align and deliver against regeneration ambitions
  • Deliver against National Governing Body, Sport England and Olympic legacy targets to increase participation in sport
  • Generate inward investment and job creation and apprenticeship opportunities
  • Attract regional and national competition and watersports event opportunities
  • Aim to improve visitor experience in Hartlepool linking into Visit Britain, regional and local tourism objectives
  • Provide all year round sport and non-sport participation for residents and visitors.

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