Visitor experience masterplan and income generation, Royal Victoria Country Park

country-park-play-experienceClient Hampshire County Council
We completed a review of Royal Victoria Country Park to consider investment needs, ways to improve operational performance and enhance the visitor experience. Our visitor experience masterplan and income generation plan has been used to underpin the future investment programme at Royal Victoria Country Park. Our work included: a site review to identify constraints and opportunities, an operational review and financial analysis to identify the baseline position; extensive stakeholder and staff consultation; a programme of visitor research (over 2,000 surveys were completed acroiss five country parks) to identify visitors’ needs; an assessment of case examples to identify best practice within the sector; we  carried out a detailed market assessment including demographic profiling and a review of the tourism market place and preparing an action plan, visitor experience masterplan and capital cost estimates for the country park.  Our work focussed on seven key themed areas within the country park: Activities including high and low ropes and other third party activities; play and learning; catering and retail; marketing; technology – the use of technology to improve the customer experience; the visitor journey and flows and car parking.

The primary objective of our work was to identify and assess ways to increase visitor numbers, identify income generation opportunities and enhance the individual visitor experiences at each park. It was important to identify the sense of place at each country park and to ensure that each suggested action programme respected the site’s own sense of place and special qualities. Photo kindly supplied by Hampshire County Council

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