Visitor experience masterplan Castle Eden Dene National Nature Reserve

nature reserve interpretationClient: Natural England

Castle Eden Dene NNR is an important community recreation and wildlife resource near Peterlee in County Durham. Covering 221 hectares the reserve incorporates woodland and lowland grassland with limestone cliffs and gorges. The NNR is linear and its eastern edge touches the Durham Heritage Coast. It has a rich heritage with evidence of human occupation since 6,000BC at the site – the Castle Eden Dene Vase is now housed in the British Museum.

Working with Natural England, our work focussed on identifying development opportunities in a sensitive environment to improve access, engagement with new and existing audiences and enhance the visitor experience. We also produced a detailed visitor forecasting model and carried out a financial analysis to support future development initiatives and we identified indicative capital costs for the projects.  Find about more about Castle Eden Dene National Nature Reserve.

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