Visitor Centre Feasibility Study, Shropshire Wildlife Trust

Visitor centre feasibilityClient: Shropshire Wildlife Trust

Restoring the Marches Mosses is a five-year project and it is a partnership between Shropshire Wildlife Trust, Natural England and Natural Resources Wales. The multi-million pound project is supported by EU LIFE and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Project outcomes include:

  • Restoration to actively growing lowland raised peatbog
  • Mitigation of climate change impacts via natural flood management
  • Improved awareness of the landscape and its intrinsic values
  • Improved physical accessibility to a wider range of people.

There are a number of existing visitors and the Llangollen Canal passes through the site. The objectives for developing visitor facilities are to:

  • Test the concept of developing a visitor attraction in a low cost, low risk way
  • Increase visitor numbers by developing a focal point for the site (likely to be seasonal from April – End of September)
  • Improve accessibility for all abilities
  • Create a family-friendly ‘wild experience’ in a safe environment
  • Create a gateway to the Mosses to interpret wildlife, geology, and history
  • Protect fragile habitats from visitor impact by providing a less sensitive area
  • Generate income through membership, events, catering and retail

We worked with the Shropshire Wildlife Trust and carried out a feasibility study to test the market demand and the financial viability of introducing a visitor centre. The feasibility study focused on:

  • Carrying out a site assessment and producing a site SWOT
  • Assessing market demand, which including reviewing the demographic profile, the tourism market place, passing boat movements on the Llangollen Canal and wider macro trends in respect of the nature marketplace.
  • Setting out the core facilities to be included
  • Reviewing the financial considerations. This focussed on identifying potential visitor numbers, producing trading and operational models, along with a risk assessment and setting out marketing initiatives.
  • Advising on the operating model for the cafe

How can we help?
If you have any questions about developing a new visitor centre or reviewing options for an existing visitor centre or are looking at income generation opportunities please don’t hesitate to call Richard Linington on 023 9248 1999 or email