Visitor attraction marketing consultants

Founded on our market intelligence service and our own industry knowledge, PSC work with clients to develop a marketing plan tailored to the needs of the attraction. By gaining a detailed insight into the market and audiences, we can help you to identify the most effective marketing strategy to target specific customer segments.

We work with clients to understand their goals for audience development, be it financial, social, educational or other creative aims. We can provide advice on how best to utilise marketing budgets to achieve both short and long term objectives.

As visitor attraction marketing consultants we offer ongoing support in implementing marketing plans and evaluating performance to ensure that strategies evolve in line with changes in the market to capitalise on opportunities for growth.

We have hands-on experience and through our sister company we are responsible for overseeing the marketing at six visitor sites, a microbrewery and hotel.

Working as visitor attraction marketing consultants our marketing services include:

  • Market and customer research
  • Branding strategy and positioning
  • Customer segmentation models
  • Event marketing
  • Education based marketing
  • Development and implementation of marketing plans
  • Advice on developing websites including online ticketing systems
  • Ongoing marketing support
  • Evaluation of marketing activities

Visitor attraction marketing consultants

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Do you need help to prepare a marketing action plan or would you like PSC to review an existing marketing plan? If you do please don’t hesitate to phone or email Richard or Kevin on 023 9248 1999.