Quarry Site Visitor Attraction Consultancy Feasibility Study

Visitor attraction consultancyPlanning Solutions Consulting were commissioned to work with a landowner to carry out a feasibility study to assess potential end uses for a working quarry after it was reinstated. Our work focussed on assessing the feasibility of introducing a family based visitor attraction. Our work included:

  • An assessment of the site
  • Review of the market place – understanding potential demand for the attraction
  • Developing a longlist of potential attraction type uses (of different form and scale)
  • Assessing the uses to identify the preferred development scenario
  • Set out a schedule of areas, description of the visitor experience and capital costs (for the preferred development scenario)
  • Development phasing

How can we help?
If you have any questions about preparing a business plan or accessing opportunities to reuse an existing quarry site  or would like to discuss our work please don’t hesitate to call Richard Linington on 023 9248 1999 or email richard@pslplan.co.uk