Visitor attraction catering consultants

Visitor attraction catering consultants.  For over 25 years we have been providing a catering advisory service to a range of clients. Our focus is on catering operations which are developed within visitor attractions and the visitor experience sectors, these include:

  • Museums
  • Heritage centres
  • Country parks
  • Castles and forts
  • Visitor centres
  • Visitor attractions

Often catering is a key revenue generator and the catering offer forms a part of the wider visitor experience project we are working on.

Our core catering consultancy services relate to:

  • Operational reviews
  • Catering feasibility studies
  • Catering business planning
  • Market and customer research
  • Mystery shopping
  • Staffing
  • Governance models
  • Pricing strategy
  • Menu design
  • Interior design (with an associate)

What makes our catering advice slightly different to other catering consultants?
Our operations team has been investing in, developing and managing cafes and restaurants for over 25 years. These cafes are integrated within the wider visitor attraction and leisure businesses which they manage.  They currently operate a number of catering outlets.

National Brewery Centre, Staffordshire

  • Brewery Tap Restaurant
  • Brewery Tap Bar
  • Weddings and functions catering

Kent Life, Kent

  • Dotty’s Tearoom
  • Outlet catering in the Play Barn
  • Royal Esplanade Hotel, Isle of Wight


    CONKERS, Leicestershire

    • Olive Tree Restaurant
    • Gallery Coffee Shop
    • P’s Place
    • Weddings and functions catering
    • Large-scale events catering service
    • Four kiosks

    Harry’s Bar and Brasserie

    • Esplanade Restaurant
    • Wedding venue
    • Coffee lounge

    Adventure Land

    • Springy’s Diner

    For our clients this means that our catering consultancy advice is based upon direct operational experience, we have a Operations Director and a team of chefs we work closely with when advising on the development of catering services.

    We have advised on catering options at the Novium Museum, Queen Elizabaeth Country Park, Brockholes Nature Centre and the National Forest Visitor Centre and Rushcliffe Country Park.

    How can we help?

    Do you need help to prepare a business plan for a new cafe at a visitor attraction or would you like Planning Solutions Consulting to work with you to carry out an operational review of an existing cafe within your visitor attraction?  If you do please don’t hesitate to phone or email Richard Linington on 023 9248 1999 

    If you would like to find out more about our catering projects please call Richard Linington on 023 9248 1999 or email Return to our our main catering consultancy projects page.