Visitor accommodation and visitor attraction scoping study

On behalf of a private landowner supported by Bolsover District Council we carried out a scoping study for tourist accommodation and an associated visitor experience within a woodland setting.

Working with FPCR Environment and Design Ltd, Planning Solutions Consulting Limited identified options for future development in respect of introducing tourist accommodation and / or a visitor experience (with a proposed focus on an animal farm). Planning consent was previously given for a farm park on part of the site although this had since lapsed.

Our work included a review of the core opportunities and provided a commentary on the recreational products and facilities which the site could potentially accommodate and these were then assessed using a scoring matrix.

We concluded that despite the industrial heritage of the area and its lack of a significant tourism profile, the site offers a rural and peaceful ambience with a reasonable “get away from it all” atmosphere and would provide a good location for woodland based guest accommodation. Other innovative accommodation uses could also be considered for the site alongside lodge units.

We also determined that play and activity play could form an important part of the overall visitor experience at the site. The woodland is rather small for a significant woodland adventure experience but this is a rapidly evolving marketplace and smaller woodland centres could be developed in future (although this would impact on the available area to develop clusters of lodges).

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