Tourism Needs and Development Impact Assessment Consultant

Car parking strategy tourist attractionTourism development projects, whether developing a new tourism business or enhancing or altering an existing tourism business can require, as part of the planning application, a supporting Tourism Needs and Development Impact Assessment.  Depending on the project this could include identifying, for example:

  1. The ‘need’ within the area for the type of tourism development which is being proposed – that market demand exists for the tourism product or experience
  2. The long-term financial viability of the tourism business
  3. The impact on the local community which will be generated by the investment. For example, the number of jobs which will be created, the potential increase in spend by visitors within the local economy
  4. The potential levels of vehicle movements which will be generated by the development, alongside parking space requirements
  5. That the tourism development is of a high quality, with sustainable buildings

How can we help?
Planning Solutions Consulting has worked on a range of tourism projects – from tourist accommodation, through to heritage, watersports and wider tourism destination planning projects. If you would like to talk through a Tourism Needs and Development Impact Assessment project please feel free to contact Richard Linington ( or call 07866 742628