Sliabh Beagh: Rural Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Destination Development Action Plan

Cycling and Walking Tourism StrategyClient: Monaghan County Council

Planning Solutions Consulting was commissioned to identify a range of products, which could be combined to create a ‘package of interventions’ to support the sustainable development of Sliabh Beagh as a tourism destination with a particular focus on rural outdoor recreation. Sliabh Beagh is a special landscape with a wealth of natural, heritage and cultural assets. The landscape is stunning with open moorland, forests and lakes. The area straddles the north of County Monaghan in the Republic of Ireland and the counties of Fermanagh and Tyrone in Northern Ireland.

Our work focussed on carrying out stakeholder consultation and desktop research to assess, test and develop a package of projects focussed on outdoor recreation in Sliabh Beagh. The Rural Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Destination Development Action Plan sets out a destination vision and actions to support sustainable growth, protect the environment and encourage more visitors to enjoy exciting new experiences in Sliabh Beagh.

Find out more about tourism in County Monaghan please click here.  images kindly provided by Monaghan County Council.

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