Seaside Town Regeneration in Wales

Client: Welsh Government

Coastal EconomyWorking with Wavehill Planning Solutions Consulting carried out an evaluation of the local impact and value for money of seaside town projects and programmes within the five Strategic Regeneration Areas along the coast of Wales.  Our work included:

  • Carrying out a review of examples of best practice in terms of seaside resorts
  • Analysing recent regeneration programmes
  • Identiftying the effectiveness of the impact of the investment in seaside towns
  • Making recommendations relating to the different types of intervention that the Welsh Government should focus on to maximise impact and value for money for coastal town regeneration projects

The following recommendations are being used to inform the Welsh Government’s regeneration framework:

  • Develop a robust baseline of evidence on coastal towns and communities
  • Develop a sophisticated management information system to capture outputs, outcomes and impacts
  • Consider increasing the Coastal Communities Fund ‘pot’ for Wales and back major investment plans that have a ‘catalytic’ effect
  • Improve the sharing of lessons between public agencies, stakeholders and other partners, and
  • Develop a dynamic visitor offer associated with ‘place-making based on local assets and distinctiveness