Norway – scoping appraisal forest based visitor experience in a ski resort

Mountain summer sports feasibility studyWorking on behalf of a Norwegian based development agency we carried out a study visit and initial scoping appraisal, to support the development of a forest based visitor experience in the east of Norway close to the border with Sweden.

The development project is located at a former quarry site at the entrance to a major winter resort. The core focus of our work was to appraise the opportunity for a forest based visitor experience and assess the visitor experience element of the current concept proposals from an operational perspective.

It was important that the project was not considered in isolation but rather fits into the tourism, cultural and development strategy for the wider area (including the Taiga Forest and Scandinavian Mountains). It was imperative to recognise and articulate the principal changes in the offer in the Winter and Summer months which clearly impacted on the development opportunity and financial sustainability.

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