Itchen Valley Country Park: Review of visitor facilities and commercial opportunities – visitor experience masterplan

country-park-visitor-experience-planClient: Eastleigh Borough Council

As part of its wider efficiencies programme, Eastleigh Borough Council wanted to identify approaches to increase visitor numbers, improve the income generated onsite and enhance the visitor experience at Itchen Valley Country Park.

Itchen Valley Country Park and Nature Reserve is an important and popular recreation and environmental site located between Eastleigh and Southampton. The country park market place within the wider sub-region is very competitive and Itchen Valley Country Park has a number of environmental designations which need to be taken into account in considering any significant changes to the park’s activities.

Our work focused on reviewing visitor facilities and identifying commercial opportunities and incorporated: an assessment of the visitor experience and operational review; a market review including an assessment of the demographic profile and identifying case examples which demonstrated critical success factors at other comparable recreation sites; engagement with staff and Councillors; an options assessment to identify and assess the potential development scenarios to enhance the visitor experience; reviewing governance options and their associated merits producing a five year trading profile, which included a visitor model and carrying out a risk assessment for the project.

Our work led to the development of a phased visitor experience masterplan strategy which prioritised investment opportunities along with the supporting business case.

Photos kindly supplied byEastleigh Borough Council

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