Beach Club Feasibility Study, Ramsgate

Beachclub feasibility studyClient: Thanet District Council

PSC led a study to assess the feasibility of developing a Beach Club providing wet and dry side activities in Ramsgate. The work focused on addressing four interconnecting stages:

  1. Defining the concept, particularly the range and mix of services and activities that could be delivered through a new physical resource
  2. Reviewing the location for the Beach Club and setting out design and development parameters
  3. Developing the technical, spatial, design and economic implications of the proposed facility
  4. Developing an overall business case for the facility, including financial projections as well as delivery models

The project involved significant research (including a comprehensive review of demand), case study assessment, consultation and technical assessment. This included an assessment of market trends against three strands of activity: Water-Based, Land-Based, and Supporting (Ancillary) Activities. Wider economic impacts were also identified. The study confirmed a strong focus on watersports within the Beach Club, which had the potential to address a number of the tourism and regeneration challenges facing the district. The research generated support and commitment from activity providers in the region for the proposal, which is seen as having the potential to raise the profile of watersports and to provide a new ‘destination’ facility in Ramsgate to complement the private sector investment already being made in the town.

The study proposed the creation of an iconic multi-centre of excellence for beach-based activities in Ramsgate:

  • A lifestyle destination which inspires people of all ages and backgrounds to engage in beach-based activities and watersports in a lively and fun way
  • A centre to support a range of clubs and associations
  • A teaching centre for learning and improving all kinds of beach-based / water activities
  • A centre that will enhance the visitor offer and contribute to the future regeneration of Ramsgate providing reasons to visit, stay and return.
  • A centre that is a sustainable business able to operate year round, fund ongoing maintenance and repay capital financing costs.
  • A centre that is distinctly ‘Ramsgate’ that reflects the town and its communities, its history and future ambition.

The study included an assessment and appraisal of sites within Ramsgate. Following the development of a detailed accommodation schedule and design brief, the study developed a business and financial plan for the development of a new, purpose built facility located on Ramsgate’s seafront, which has the potential to be the catalyst for the regeneration of this part of the resort town. Although external funding was likely to be required for capital development, the report generated a development package that could be attractive to the private sector.

Two broad options were identified for moving forward:
(1) Take the brief to the market to identify potential organisations that are prepared to develop and operate the Club. (2) The local authority to take a lead on the development and use the feasibility study to explore the optimum operating arrangements: (a) Leisure Operators/Commercial Club (b)CIC/Community/Sports Club (c) In-House operation

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