Primary research, Steart Peninsula, Somerset

Primary visitor researchClients: Bristol Port Company, RSPB and Wetland and Wildfowl Trust

The Steart Peninsula project is related to the creation of over 400 hectares of intertidal wetland habitat nature reserve.   This has been achieved through managed realignment involving removal of part of the existing seawall and the construction of new embankments and drainage channels. The Steart Peninsula project also involved introduction of two bird hides (made out of shipping containers), community orchards, footpaths and multi-user track (including bridleway), car park, toilets and new vehicular access.

Working with the Bristol Port Company, RSPB and Wetland and Wildfowl Trust we designed and implemented a range of onsite surveys at Steart Peninsula to identify the needs and aspirations of visitors and members of the local community.  As part of the project we also engaged with local farming businesses.   This helped to inform the development of the project.  Find out more about Steart Marshes here.

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