Porthcawl Attractor

Client: Bridgend County Borough Council
We worked with Bridgend County Borough Council where we supported the design and development of a major ‘Attractor’ bid for Visit Wales funding. The proposal involves delivery against three core themes:

  • A bustling waterside offering a range of high quality leisure, sporting and destination attractions
  • A world class golf offer, and
  • A high quality accommodation offer

Our work incorporated

  • A site review
  • Carrying out a market assessment
  • Understanding the strategic context
  • A consultation exercise
  • Identifying arrangements for delivery
  • Setting out key management and operation considerations
  • Identifying potential for the long term sustainability of the project

Key challenges

  • Developing a sustainable proposal
  • Creating a proposal which could engage with the local community and tourists to create year round use

Key outcome

  • The work led to a long-list of project opportunities which built on the strengths, assets and opportunities in the town. An options appraisal process shaped a coherent destination programme, which we developed into a business plan for implementation.