Pleasley Visitor Destination Hub Feasibility Study

Client: Derbyshire County Council
Pleasley is located on the Nottinghamshire-Derbyshire border and the Destination Hub consists of three main destinations – Hardwick Hall, Pleasley Pit Country Park and Pleasley Vale (including an Outdoor Activity Centre).

We were commissioned to carry out a destination feasibility study to test the potential of the area to become a sustainable tourism hub, which would be underpinned by the area’s heritage assets, environment and landscape, with cycling as a zero-carbon leisure activity. Our work involved an audit of the tourism assets, a review of the competitive landscape, extensive stakeholder consultation and market assessment.

The work also evaluated the economics of developing a sustainable tourism hub, by considering alternative economic models such as ‘not-for-profit’, ‘willingness to pay’ and ‘voluntourism’. Consideration was also extended to: developing ‘circular’ and ‘local’ economies; promoting local products; zero-carbon or low-carbon development; using appropriate development to support health and wellbeing and to make a positive contribution to local cultural and environmental heritage by directing profits into future management. Our work provided a robust evidence base upon which future destination development decisions could be determined. The feasibility study set out a future growth action plan for the destination.

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