New country park business planning and country park masterplan

New country park masterplanClient: Homes and Communities Agency

Working in a multi-disciplinary team, we examined the optimum mix of tourism and leisure facilities in the regeneration of a former 190 hectare coalfield located on a Green Belt site close to Manchester into an innovative mixed use country park.

Option assessed as part of our work included introducing an:

  • An activity centre
  • Golf course
  • Fishing lakes
  • Play facilities
  • A catering offer
  • Events arena
  • Visitor centre with an education offer

A key component of the work was to create a green oasis with zoning to incorporate a nature based offer and links with the local canal network.

Our work included detailed market research, bench-marking, consultation and business planning to identify suitable end uses. We also developed an exit strategy along with governance and funding options.

We assessed each option using a number of criteria:

  • Linkages / Complementarity
  • Market (a) Demand (b) Competition (supply)
  • Planning and Policy Fit
  • Constraints / Conflicts
  • Operational Considerations
  • Management Considerations
  • Financial Parameters / Degree of Risk
  • Funding / Exit Strategy

The objectives behind the creation of the new country park had a strong emphasis on improving the health and wellbeing of residents and also to:

  • Create linkages between the town’s open spaces and the countryside
  • Promote social inclusion
  • Deliver event programmes
  • Generate employment
  • Develop and promote biodiversity
  • Add to the tourism profile of the town
  • Provide opportunities for Learning outside of the Classroom

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