Rye Harbour Discovery Centre, National Lottery Heritage Fund Business Plan

Client: Sussex Wildlife Trust

We were commissioned by the Sussex Wildlife Trust to prepare a business plan which is being used to support a National Lottery Heritage Fund funding application for the Rye Harbour Discovery Visitor Centre. Our work focused on:

  • Integrating the work carried out by the Activity Planner
  • Identifying how the project delivers strategic outcomes
  • Carrying out an assessment of the market place – existing users, an analysis of the residential population and tourism marketplace
  • Reviewing comparable case studies of visitor centres operated by other Wildlife Trusts which informed the financial modelling within the business plan
  • Developing a programme of primary visitor research to help identify demand for facilities within the visitor centre
  • Reviewing governance structures
  • Setting out a staffing structure
  • Forecasting future visitor numbers for the visitor centre
  • Preparing a 10-year financial model with sensitivity analysis
  • Setting out the key risk associated with the project

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