Insurance and visitor attractions

Insurance and visitor attractions: Things to think about when renewing the insurance for your visitor attraction
The tips below are designed to help visitor attractions to secure the most competitive premiums when purchasing insurance.   The tips have been provided by Clear Insurance Management Limited.

1. Employers Liability

  • Ensure that all staff and volunteers have undergone full training specifically in terms of manual handling and lifting.
  • Appoint a specific person to take charge of Health and Safety, including trained first aiders and implementing fire procedures.

2. Public Liability

  • Ensure all signage is clear and unimpeded and that escape routes are clearly marked and planned in advance.
  • Ensure all public areas are well lit and maintained
  • Ensure full risk assessments have been carried out for all visitor activities

3. Material Damage/Property Assets

  • Ensure all valuable and portable electronic equipment is security tagged and locked away in a secure place at the end of each day (where practical).
  • Have Redcare or Dualcomm alarm systems with central monitoring installed (if financially viable and practical to do so) and a maintenance agreement put in place.
  • Regularly test any fire detection and suppression systems keeping a written log of the tests.
  • Ensure any display items of value have been professionally valued so that the insurance can be arranged on an ‘agreed’ value basis. This will avoid any contention in the event of a loss and ensure items are insured on the correct basis.
  • Ensure your Electrical Inspection Certificate is up to date and valid.

4. Business Interruption

  • Keep accurate records of income and projections away from the premises.
  • Implement and regularly review a disaster recovery plan.

5. Engineering Inspection

  • Keep a record of all inspections of pressure and lifting equipment. Ensue these are carried out in accordance with the timescales laid down by PUWER/LOLER

6. General

  • Implement and maintain a good standard of house-keeping and be able to demonstrate a solid maintenance programme.
  • If in any doubt about the suitability of your cover, refer to your broker.

To find out more about insurance for visitor attractions please contact:
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