Increasing profitability of a visitor centre

Visitor centre income generationWorking with a private sector client, PSC was commissioned to assess future development options to increase the profitability of a visitor centre which also incorporated onsite visitor accommodation. A key objective of our work was to create a product offer that is sufficiently strong, differentiated and marketable as a visitor proposition. It is important that the visitor experience offered financial sustainability to secure its long term future. There was a need to balance commercial risk, the natural environment and service for the local community and other users.

Our work included:

  • Site appraisal
  • Reviewing operational and financial considerations
  • An assessment of current and future market demand
  • An options appraisal
  • Preparing a supporting development action plan

How can we help?
If you have any questions about preparing a business plan or income generation strategy for a visitor attraction or visitor centre or would like to discuss our work please don’t hesitate to call Richard Linington on 07866 742628 or email