Hylton Castle Business Case, Sunderland


Client: Sunderland City Council

Working with Sunderland City Council, Castle in the CommuHylton Castle Business Plannity and Friends of Hylton Dene we were commissioned to prepare the Hylton Castle business case for future development options. This built upon our earlier work which involved jointly preparing an Audience Development Plan.

Hylton Castle is compromised of two buildings, a former four storey gatehouse, which was built by Sir William Hylton in the 14th Century and St Catherine’s Chapel which we understand was built in the 15th Century. The gatehouse and chapel are both Grade 1 listed structures and the gatehouse, chapel and grounds are designated as a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

Our work included carrying out a wide ranging consultation exercise, competitive and market review (with a focus on the residential population living within specific drivetime contours of the site and tourism sector).  We also carried out an options appraisal (identifying and assessing different development scenarios), preparing a trading profile to text the financial viability of the project, advising on management options & funding options. A risk assessment was carried out to identify the potential risks related to the project, the impact of the risks and approaches to mitigating these risks. Our work led to the production of a supporting business case.

In terms of developing the options is was very important to ensure that proposals reflected the sensitive nature of the overall site and the keen interest of the local community.  Find out more about Hylton Castle.

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