Bowring Park, HLF Business Planning Consultants

HLF business planning consultantsClient: Knowsley Borough Council

We were commissioned as business planning consultants by Knowsley Borough Council in Greater Merseyside to produce a business plan for a Stage 2 Heritage Lottery Fund Parks for People Project. The scheme at Bowring Park represents an exciting opportunity to provide an exceptional leisure, heritage and community facility for Huyton and Knowsley as a whole as well as the wider sub Merseyside region. We produced a robust business plan to assess the long-term financial sustainability of the park together with a review of options for the future management and operation of the newly enhanced facility. As part of our work we worked closely with the Activity Planner. Our work focussed on understanding  the range of audiences and stakeholders (existing and potential) that currently benefit from, and participate in, Bowring Park and consulting key stakeholders to inform master plans for physical improvements to Bowring Park (developed by 2020 Knowsley), and to monitor and evaluate this participation.  We reviewed the existing activity on site and current proposals from the Stage 1 HLF application and carried out an assessment of the income generating opportunities utilising the restored facilities of Bowring Park.  We also developed a business plan that defined a management model and necessary actions to allow income generation through Bowring Park.  We also produced a prioritised action plan for the future development of the park.  Our Heritage Lottery Fund business plan helped to secure £1,956,400.

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