Governance models: Identifying the way forward

An important part of preparing business plans is to identify and assess the potential governance model to help take projects forward during both the delivery and operational phases.

Governance model options include:

  • In-house management
  • Establishing a Trust or similar body
  • Management of the service via a Private Management Company
  • Management of the service delivered solely by an existing Non-Governmental Organisation
  • Community Interest Company
  • A hybrid model whereby specific elements  e.g. catering are delivered by third party specialists

Today there is an increasingly important role which volunteers and local communities can become involved in the delivery and operation of projects.

In deciding the most appropriate governance model to take the project forward, we consult with key stakeholders, review the skills and experience of personnel, work with stakeholders to develop a Vision, identify key risks and use a scoring matrix to evaluate each governance option.  A broad range of criteria are used to review the various governance options.

The majority of our business planning projects include an assessment of governance options.

How can we help?

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