Governance evaluation and location assessment: Tenby Museum and Art Gallery

Museum income generationClient: Tenby Museum and Art Gallery

Tenby Museum and Art Gallery is an independent charitable incorporated organisation. Originally established in 1878 by 19th century antiquarians, the museum and art gallery has continued to acquire and invest in materials which tell the rich history of Tenby and the surrounding communities. The museum and art gallery is a key cultural resource and adds to Pembrokeshire’s tourism destination profile.

The museum and art gallery commissioned PSC to carry out an options appraisal to evaluate future governance and delivery options. This included reviewing opportunities to work in partnership with other heritage organisations. We also identified ways to build and develop the skills and capacity of the Trustees, staff and volunteers who have a critical role of delivering the visitor experience. A key element was to ensure the level of risk to the Charity was minimised.

As part of the commission we also advised on and assessed the physical location of the museum and art gallery and whether there were opportunities to physically re-develop the museum. This included a review of space use allocation and the visitor experience within the museum and gallery.

Images kindly provided by Tenby Museum and Art Gallery to find out more about the museum and art gallery please click here. The work was funded by the Cultural Recovery Fund.

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