Glamorgan Heritage Coast: Feasibility into viable commercial opportunities

Client: Vale of Glamorgan Council
Coastal tourism regenerationAs part of its wider strategy for the Heritage Coast, the Council wanted to identify approaches to enhance the quality of the visitor experience along the coastal areas and to increase the economic contribution from the leisure and tourism sectors. PSC was commissioned by The Vale of Glamorgan Council to complete a feasibility study into viable commercial opportunities, outdoor activities and events to enhance the development of business and employment in the Glamorgan Heritage Coast.

Our work carried out an overall appraisal of development opportunities and then focussed on a detailed review of three priority sites and project plans. Our work included an assessment of the current visitor offer, existing levels of use and the quality of the visitor experience; a market review including an assessment of the demographic profile and identifying case examples which demonstrated critical success factors at other comparable coastal sites in the UK; consultation with staff, landowners and other stakeholders; an options assessment to identify and assess the priority potential development opportunities and the production of summary project cost and outline trading profile.  Our work helped to identify ‘quick wins’ which could be implemented immediately and actions to enhance the visitor experience over the medium and long term and it led to the development of a phased strategy which prioritised lead development opportunities and funding routes.

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