Creating a vision and feasibility study: Hollingworth Lake Countryside Park Visitor Attraction and Activity Centre

Country Park Feasibility StudyClient: Link4Life

Hollingworth Lake and its surroundings has a long history as a tourist destination serving the industrial belt of Lancashire and Yorkshire. The lake itself is a reservoir for topping up the Rochdale Canal network.  Hollingworth Lake Country Park was opened in 1974 and new facilities followed with the visitor centre, associated car parks, cafes, trails and play. Our work focussed on developing sustainable proposals for a new vision and operating model with an associated feasibility study for the country park and integrated activity centre. The enhanced offer at the country park and lake needed to improve the environmental quality of the area; to provide a more attractive and co-ordinated visitor offer and increase visitor numbers. The proposals also aimed to raise the profile of the country park and support a financially sustainable business.

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