Feasibility Study Calshot Activities Centre, Hampshire

Climbing Wall Feasibility studyClient: Hampshire County Council

PSC worked with the senior management team at Calshot Activities Centre, one of the south coast’s leading multi-use activity centres.

Our work focussed on identifying and assessing product development opportunities for the internal space to engage with new markets and increase income being generated onsite. The starting point was to understand the current position in terms of user numbers and the financial performance of the centre. Engagement with staff along with identifying key trends in the activity sector and wider competitive landscape formed a core element of our work.

The research led to the production of a longlist of potential uses which were assessed using a scoring matrix. The scoring matrix used a range of criteria including but not limited to:

  • Physical fit and synergy with proposed range of likely uses
  • Indicative capital investment required
  • Meeting an identified “gap” or opportunity
  • Customer driven – meeting the needs of stakeholders, visitors, education and other groups
  • Potential to increase visitors / market appeal (particularly during winter months)
  • Revenue generation / commercial viability and long term sustainability
  • Achieving certain outcomes (e.g. education, employment, training opportunities, opportunities for volunteering, which are particularly important from a funding perspective)

Quick wins in terms of marketing were also identified as part of our work.   The work helped to secure funding and led to the introduction of new ‘products’ including an Aero Trek offer and new climbing experiences with 12 auto belays.

How can we help?
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