Events and destination development, Vale of Glamorgan

The Vale of Glamorgan Council commission Planning Solutions Consulting to carry out a feasibility study into assessing the opportunity to introduce supporting infrastructure to host a number of low-impact events at a specific coastal site on the Glamorgan Heritage Coast.  Potential events included: open air theatre performances; music; pop-up cinema and other shows alongside community and sporting events.   A key objective was to raise the profile of the Heritage Coast as a tourist destination.

Our work focussed on:

  • Assessing the latest event trend data and background information on current visitor levels at the site.
  • Reviewing the competitive landscape to identify gaps in the events market place
  • Identifying proposals that added value to the visitor economy and create jobs
  • Reviewing potential income generation opportunities and the different business models which could be adopted
  • Providing details of the economic benefits related to the introduction of events

The wider study also assessed opportunities for outdoor activities and other commercial facilities.

How can we help?
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