Drivetime maps and demographic analysis

Drivetime maps and demographic analysis

Understanding the demographic profile and catchment areas

Drivetime maps and demographic analysis – often on projects understanding the residential marketplace, the density, profile and behaviour trends of people living within specific drivetime contours, is a key element which underpins the financial model of the business plans we produce.

Drivetime mapping
Clients enhancing an existing business or developing a new standalone visitor experience (from a caravan park through to a cafe or visitor centre or museum) can have greater confidence to make informed investment decisions by understanding the demographic profile along with the wider tourism market place

We are finding that some clients may not necessarily need to commission PSC to produce their whole business plan but they still need to understand the residential marketplace as part of the business planning process. We are increasingly being asked to produce standalone demographic reports, drivetime maps and analysis setting out the key implications for their business. These consider for example:

  • The potential market size within certain drivetime contours
  • The age profile
  • Social grade ratios
  • Economic profile

The drivetime maps show the market reach (how far you can travel to or from a site) in a specific period of time.

From January 2018 we are offering a new standalone drivetime mapping and analysis service to support clients with the investment decision making process.

To find out more about this service please call Richard Linington on 023 9248 1999 or email