Dewi Davies, Regional Strategy Director Tourism Partnership North Wales

Project: North Wales Outdoor Sector Vision and Action Plan

“The team was commissioned by Tourism Partnership North Wales to prepare a new Vision and Action Plan for the outdoor sector in North Wales. North Wales is internationally recognised as providing excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation, with a strong activity ‘offer’ based on its outstanding environmental assets and range of activities available. However, partners recognised a lack of co-ordination and connection across the broad policy and programme agenda associated with the outdoor sector.

It has been a pleasure to work with the team, and move from a position of little informed to much greater understanding of the sector and the opportunities that it offers to the region of North Wales. The thorough review of the external factors, trends – economic, socio-demographic influencing the outdoor sector and customer choice provided a great platform for identifying the opportunities and threats to its future in the North Wales. The assessment of comparator and competitor areas, cross referenced with a rigorous audit of the existing local product has led to clear Vision Statement, with supporting Strategic Objectives and a clear cut Action Plan. The incorporation of interview comments and edits of information to the work in progress were easily secured – thus delivering a consultative document with a high level of ownership from the engaged parties.” Dewi Davies, Regional Strategy Director Tourism Partnership North Wales.

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