Dalby Forest, visitor experience masterplan

Client: Forestry England

Dalby Forest covers over 3,500 hectares and is a leading ‘forest destination’ experience, which has been developed and is managed by Forestry England. Dalby Forest lies on the southern slopes of the North York Moors National Park (NYMNP) and is known as the Great Yorkshire Forest. Previous investment has transformed Dalby Forest into a Regional Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Economic Activity and a main recreation hub. Dalby Forest is home to an abundance of internationally important wildlife species and is also a designated Dark Sky Discovery Site.

Planning Solutions Consulting were commissioned to work with Forestry England to identify and evaluate opportunities to develop the visitor experience with a focus on Adderstone Field and surrounds. A range of options were evaluated from introducing a secondary hub through to low impact visitor accommodation. The work included a market assessment, analysing existing visitor data and a module of primary research amongst visitors along with consultation with Forestry England, stakeholders and onsite businesses. Find out more about Dalby Forest here.

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