Crowdfunding and tourism

Crowdfunding and tourismCrowdfunding and tourism:  Crowdfunding the purchase of a beach in New Zealand. PSC works on a number of coastal tourism projects – from advising on the development of stretches of beach through to specific sites.  This crowdfunding approach in New Zealand is probably one of the most innovative approaches to securing the future of a coastal area we’ve come across.

We are aware of local villages setting up formal and informal consortia to purchase community shared woodland space but now a crowdfunding project in New Zealand has allowed members of the public to acquire a pristine, seven-hectare stretch of coastline from a private owner including the beach at Awaroa.

Over 39,000 pledges of money to take the project forward were received, which equates to over NZ$2 million. We understand the Government has also made a financial contribution towards the project. This innovative approach to the acquisition of an outstanding natural landscape presents a number of interesting opportunities for tourism projects elsewhere in the World. Could a similar approach work in the UK, where coastal development is being hamstrung by a lack of public sector investment? Clearly even if a crowdfunding project is taken forward to purchase a coastal strip of land, retaining wider public access will be a key element to maintain in the UK.

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