Business Plan, Community, Visitor and Interpretation Centre, Monmouthshire

Community centre business planClient: adventa
Working for adventa (formally Monmouthshire’s LEADER+ Rural Development Programme) we carried out a feasibility study to assess the opportunity for a dual purpose building – a community centre with an interpretation centre incorporating a refreshment space in Sudbrook.  The centre would provide links to the Wales Coast Path and promote the industrial heritage of the area and the building of the Severn Tunnel.  A key element of the project was to help identify potential links between the public, private, voluntary and community sectors.

The work included identifying  and evaluating potential sites for the visitor and community centre, carrying out a market review and analysis of the competitive landscape, an number of options were identfied and assessed.  This is alongside a programme of consultation with key stakeholders and interested parties.

Working with an interpretation planner we also identified potential ‘stories’ and ‘narratives’ about the industrial heritage and natural environment which would form the core of the interpretation element of the project.

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