Clacton Seafront Destination Development Strategy and Delivery Plan

Clacton seafrontClient: Tendring Council
Tendring District Council (the Council), in partnership with the Environment Agency, has implemented a £36 million coastal defence project between Clacton Pier and Holland Haven, which has resulted in a five kilometre stretch of new sandy beaches along this seafront replacing the existing defences. The coastal defence scheme created 23 new beaches and presented a once in a lifetime opportunity for Clacton-on-Sea to enhance its tourism and leisure offer.

Planning Solutions Consulting Limited worked with the Council on the preparation of a destination plan and feasibility study to develop ideas and an overall vision for the stretch of coastline between Clacton Pier and Holland Haven. The purpose of the study is to provide an options appraisal of development and marketing opportunities to create an enhanced visitor destination for Clacton and an economic impact assessment of the plan and proposed projects.  The Seafront Development Plan sets out an ambitious package of projects and initiatives, creating a series of linked destinations to promote positive action and a step change in the perception of the town as a visitor destination. The £9 million programme of investment required to deliver the 15 transformational projects has the potential to deliver significant economic benefits for the town including additional tourism revenues of over £57.5 million and 873 full time jobs.

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