Cambridge Museum of Technology – business development, income generation and catering options, May 2021

Cambridge Museum of TechnologyPlanning Solutions Consulting has been commissioned to work with the Trustees of the Cambridge Museum of Technology to prepare a business development plan to identify and evaluate opportunities to generate additional earned revenue. We have also been commissioned to advise on future opportunities linked to catering. The project is funded by the Culture Recovery Fund

Located adjacent to the River Cam the accredited museum has celebrated its 50th birthday and incorporates an impressive Victorian sewage pumping station, with Steam Engine Room and Boiler Room. This is alongside the Print Room, the Pye Building, which includes an extensive exhibition and meeting space, the Ash Railway and Valve Yard. The museum also hosts a range of successful events.

To find out more about the Cambridge Museum of Technology please visit the website.

How can we help?
If you have any questions about preparing an income strategy or business development plan for your museum or heritage site please don’t hesitate to call Richard Linington on 07866 742628 or email