Butser Ancient Farm feasibility study and masterplan

heritage attraction masterplanClient: Butser Education CIC

Butser Ancient Farm was founded in 1970 by the Council for British Archaeology and provides a timeline of ancient homes from the Stone Age through to the Anglo-Saxons with live archaeological demonstrations. Butser Ancient Farm is an experimental archaeology site which caters for a range of audiences from education groups through to postgraduate students and the wider family marketplace.

Working alongside the terra firma consultancy, a landscape architects practice, who were developing a future masterplan, Planning Solutions Consulting were commissioned to prepare a feasibility study to identify future development opportunities for this specialist attraction. We worked closely with the senior management and the masterplanning team. Our work focussed on:

  • Reviewing and auditing the business from a financial, operational and visitor experience perspective – helping to identify ‘quick-wins’
  • Carrying out a market assessment and in particular identifying core ‘market segments’ to engage with in the future
  • Helping to prepare the future development masterplan, identifying indicative capital costs and setting out the business strategy
  • Developing a model to forecast future visitor numbers
  • Preparing the supporting financial case

The project is ongoing and you find out more about Butser Ancient Farm Butser Ancient Farm.

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