Burton Bridge Brewery and Heritage Brewing Company Announce Iconic Merger, May 2024

Burton Bridge Brewery Yard Coordinator Paul Welcoming Heritage Casks Burton Bridge Brewery, the largest British-owned brewery in Burton, proudly announces its merger with Heritage Brewing Company, owner to some of Britain’s oldest ales. This historic union marks a significant milestone in the brewing industry, bringing together two esteemed establishments with rich legacies.

Bruce Wilkinson and Geoff Mumford, the visionary minds behind Burton Bridge Brewery and their brewery tap, Burton Bridge Inn, express their gratitude to the dedicated staff and loyal customers who have contributed to the success of their brewery over the past 43 years. Their commitment to quality and tradition has laid a solid foundation for this exciting collaboration.

Michael Stickland, former operator of the renowned The National Brewery Centre and owner of Heritage Brewery, shares his enthusiasm for the merger, stating, “I am thrilled to witness the union of two great businesses. This merger opens doors to new opportunities and sets the stage for innovation in the brewing landscape. Watch this space for exciting developments.”

Leading the combined entity as Brewery Manager is Emma Cole, whose passion for brewing and dedication to excellence will drive the businesses forward. Emma expresses her excitement for the future prospects of the merged breweries, emphasising the wealth of opportunities that lie ahead. She extends a warm invitation to all landlords to visit Burton Bridge Brewery, for a firsthand experience of the brewery’s offerings.

Al Wall (formerly of Cloudwater Brew Co) joined the company in October and has had fantastic feedback on the beers brewed in that time. He recently reintroduced and developed the recipe for the Spring Ale which went on to win second place in the Burton Ale Trail. Al is excited about the future, “there have been such great foundations at Burton Bridge. Standing on the shoulders of giants, I feel I can make some truly great beer and have many ideas for upcoming special releases, revisiting more historical styles and bringing back some old favourites”.