Audience Development Plan Research, Caldicot Castle and Country Park

Audience development plan researchClient: Monmouthshire County Council
Working with Monmouthshire County Council we produced an audience development plan Caldicot Castle and Country Park. The overall objective of our work is to increase access for a range of target audiences to these important heritage, recreation and environmental resources.

Caldicot Castle and Country Park is an important heritage and recreation site which combines the historic castle with a 55 acre country park providing a haven for wildlife and an attractive environment for outdoor activities. Caldicot Castle is an impressive large Castle which dates back to the 12th and 14th centuries.  Originally established by the Normans, it was developed as a stronghold in the Middle Ages and became a family home in Victorian times, demonstrating the castle’s varied and interesting history.

The audience development plan research explored the needs of existing and potential users of the castle and country park and to identify the facilities, services and activities that could be provided to encourage and facilitate future engagement.

We carried out a large-scale research programme among current audiences and missed audiences including education users, the public, group visitors and special interest heritage based visits. Research techniques include face-to-face interviews, online surveys, workshops, focus groups and accompanied site visits to other attractions as well as case study reviews. The audience development plan research was used to inform the development of an action plan and an approach to future evaluation and monitoring of the project.

Photos kindly supplied by Monmouthshire County Council

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