Aerial adventure – Business Planning, Leicestershire

high ropes feasibility studyWorking with our sister company we prepared the business plan to support the development of a high ropes experience within the grounds at CONKERS, a paid admission visitor attraction.

The adventure includes:

  • High ropes with 15 aerial sections to complete – with climbing nets and high level walkways. The course is approximately 10 metres above the ground but participants are always clipped on to the safe roller system.
  • Low ropes includes 10 different and exciting stage challenges. The course is up to 3 metres above the ground and participants are always clipped on to the safety rail as they negotiate the obstacles. This is aimed at the younger visitors who visit CONKERS.
  • A climbing wall is approximately 10 metres high. It has a number of routes and uses two auto-belay systems.
  • A Powerfan Descender where visitors step of the platform and experience the sensation of free-falling – before their descent is slowed at the last minute.
  • 110 metre Zip Wire – which is a great way to finish the course

Find out more about CONKERS here.

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