Vision and Structured Destination Action Delivery Plan, North Soar, Nottinghamshire

Activity tourism destination development strategyClient: North Soar Trails Syndicate

North Soar is an attractive rural area of approximately 50 square miles located to the south of Nottingham and north of Loughborough.

The area has a number of walking, cycling and horse riding trails and a rich heritage including a number of very impressive places of worship, which add to the character of the area. Planning Solutions Consulting were commissioned by the North Soar Trails Syndicate to carry out research into the opportunity of creating a destination, initially based on these activities and heritage assets including a number of churches, to benefit the local economy.

As part of the research we conducted a major consultation exercise with local businesses and landowners which helped to identify the potential development opportunities and associated benefits.   We received the ‘asset’ base of the study area and the wider trends in the tourism sector.  This led to the production of a Vision and Structured Destination Action Delivery Plan to take forward initiatives to help create a ‘destination’ for both members of the local community and visitors.

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