Sustainable Accommodation Business and Destination Development Guidance Notes, Gwent Levels

Client: Newport City Council and Monmouthshire County Council

Working for Newport City Council and Monmouthshire County Council we were commissioned to produce guidance notes to support the development of sustainable tourist accommodation within the Gwent Levels. A key objective was to encourage the development of tourist accommodation to support the diversification of the rural economy and the development of the Gwent Levels as a sustainable tourist destination.

The guidance notes included information on:

  • Planning context – Newport City Council, Monmouthshire County Council and Natural Resources for Wales
  • Understanding the market – key market trends and growth opportunities in respect of tourist accommodation
  • Precedent examples – case studies highlighting success stories within Wales and the rest of the UK
  • Business planning – advice in respect of preparing a supporting business case alongside planning applications
  • Funding opportunities – set out the latest information on available funding

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