Standalone Farm – strategic review, visitor experience planning and business planning


Client: Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation
Standalone Farm is a popular working farm park attraction in Letchworth and is widely seen as an important part of the town’s leisure and education ‘offer’.

Visitor experience planning – PSC carried out a review of the farm in terms of its main product and its current operation/visitor experience. Following a detailed market review, PSC also provided an visitor experience plan action plan together with forecast trading models for the farm park’s main revenue streams and cost centres.  This lead to the production of a farm park business plan.

Our research work was carried out in close liaison with the client team who found our direct operational experience invaluable in adding weight to our study recommendations. Our study provided an important assessment to determine and shape the strategic visitor experience plans and on which to base future investment decisions for the farm park’s improvement programme.

“We have been pleased to work with Planning Solutions as part of the review of our family farm attraction, known as Standalone Farm.  We found their advice valuable and relevant, particularly as they are able to point to practical examples from the facilities that they manage.  This has been of great assistance in determining the next steps of our improvement programme.” David Ames, Head of Heritage and Strategic Planning, Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation


Photos kindly supplied by Standalone Farm and Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation