Natalie Watson BA AMA – Senior Museum Consultant

Natalie Watson 2014Natalie is a heritage professional specialising in project development and management. She acted as Museum Development Officer (MDO) for Somerset for 6 years, coordinating support and providing advice to over 55 museums and heritage organisations on a range of issues. Since 2013, she has been managing a significant research project to survey the historic collection of an iconic British brand and to oversee its digitisation and its associated infrastructure needs.

Her project management experience includes commissioning and managing large-scale community heritage projects including roadshows, exhibitions, training programmes and web developments. Her most important projects included a nationally-recognised marketing campaign for Somerset’s heritage sites and a project assessing the sustainability and income generating issues of museums and providing practical, low-cost solutions and kickstarter grants. She has built up extensive networks across the museums and archive sector and combines practical solutions with careful research and analytical processes.

Natalie has a BA Hons in Archaeology, an NVQ in Cultural Heritage and holds Associateship of the Museums Association (AMA). She has been a Trustee of the South Western Federation of Museums and Art Galleries (SWFed) since 2007, supporting a network of professionals in cultural organisations to share skills and knowledge.

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